An outside event is classified as an event that represents a certain population outside the classification of member or guest that is responsible for the group as a whole. Each event will be assigned the fee stated by the management and approved by the Judge Executive. Said group, before play, will determine fee structure and allocation of prizes and food and beverage. The golf course will remain open for other play during an outside event, unless the organization pays for the rental of the entire course or the field is 72 players or more.

The rental fee for the entire course will be determined by management and approved by the Judge Executive. Payment for said event must be made by check or credit card. USGA rules will govern the play of each event. A list of players is to be turned in to the golf shop a minimum of 24 hours before play.

Schedule of Fees
    $30.00 golf fee per player
    Optional $2 fee per player for range balls (40 players x $2 = $80 Range Fee, otherwise individuals pay $4 for range balls)
    Food and Beverage to be supplied by Outing

Tournament Management
Each event will be expertly managed complete with pairing sheets, golf cart signs and scorecards. A scoreboard will be supplied and the Battlefield Golf Club Staff will manage scoring. Battlefield Golf Club will supply all proximity signs for special events and be responsible for collection of the signs. After the tournament has concluded the organization will be invoiced for the event.
Battlefield Golf Club will supply all golf cart rentals for said event unless a Battlefield Member, who owns their own golf cart, chooses to use their own. If extra golf carts are needed, they can be ordered through Battlefield Golf Club.
All food and beverage should be provided by the outing.