All passes will be sold on an annual basis, with payment being due at the time purchase. The pass is valid for one year from the day of purchase. Any passes not renewed in the one-year time frame will be considered invalid until payment is made. Members will have access to the golf course at all times, unless specified by management and approved by the Judge Executive. Passholders will be responsible for payment of golf cars unless management authorizes those passholders as “trail fee” users. The following information indicates passholder category:
Single Pass – Allows a payment of $583.00 renewable on an annual basis, which includes USGA Handicap Certification and maintenance. This pass recognizes a single individual and is not transferable during the year of payment.

Single Plus One – Allows a payment of $742.00 for two individuals of the same family and must be a spouse or child. In order for the child to be included as one of the individuals the child must be 22 years or younger or still be considered a dependent. The USGA handicap maintenance will be included in the pass for said individuals. This pass is not transferable among family members and is renewable on a yearly basis from the time of purchase.

Family Pass – Allows a payment of $848.00 for an entire family. Handicap maintenance is included for all family members. This pass is not transferable and is renewable on a yearly basis from the time of purchase.

Trail Fees and Private Golf Cars – Passholders only, who are property owners at Battlefield Properties, are authorized to purchase a trail fee of $742.00 per year. This trail fee applies to passholders who own the golf car. Those passholders who choose to ride with a passholder owning their own golf car are responsible for golf car payment to Battlefield Golf Club at the said rate determined by management. Passholders are responsible for all costs and storage associated with their golf car. Battlefield Golf Club is not responsible for any maintenance or damages concerning a privately owned golf car.
Note: For Passholders and Guest riding with a passholder who owns a Personal Car 9/18 Holes $12.00
Note: Each level of Golf pass include complimentary Practice Balls